The Alumni Society FAQs

The Alumni Society is a network of Latino executives who graduated from the country’s top universities. This network offers exclusive opportunities for growth and empowerment in the private sector, with the goal of advancing Latino leadership in corporate America.

Members must be Latino/a, work within mid- to senior-level leadership in the private sector, and have earned a bachelor, master or doctoral degree from one or more of the the following universities:

Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Northwestern University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University

Currently, membership is complimentary for those who meet the necessary criteria. We will be rolling out paid membership options in 2017.

Yes, there are costs associated to attending our events. Costs vary per event. View our upcoming events to get event details and costs.

Currently, we are focused on expanding our Latino membership base within the existing school partnerships we have established. Our organization was founded to solve the need of connecting Latino alumni who graduated from the most rigorous private universities and colleges. We aim to expand the network vertically to develop as many connections between members as possible.

In the future, we have plans to expand to other schools. If you would like to propose expanding to your school for future consideration, feel free to contact Mary Kellogg at

We are an inclusive organization created to advance Latinos as a whole within our target demographic.

While we do have members who work in the public sector, the focus of our vision is devoted to private sector. All of our programming–events and communication–are focused on connecting Latinos who are working within the private sector.

We host events nationwide. View the upcoming events calendar for details. If you would like to nominate your location for future events, please submit interest to Vianni Busquets at

You can refer a member to join the Society through our website by submitting the referrals contact information on the member referral form.

We have a variety of media opportunities for members. We regularly highlight members in our Bulletin e-newsletter, on our membership portal, and via social media.

We intentionally removed “Latino” from our name because as our community continues to grow, Latinos will be the new majority, and not derivative of another culture.

The Alumn Society is not a nonprofit; it is a project that is owned by Guerreo Howe, LLC. We do have plans to establish a foundation geared towards scholarships for Latinos who are attending partnering schools.

The Leadership Summit is held twice a year. View upcoming events calendar for details.

The Alumni Society was established in 2014.  

The member portal grants members and partners a 24/7 access point to establish a professional profile, member directory, connect pre- and post events, apply for career opportunities at the director level and higher, and much more.

Member Access

All members receive login credentials to access the portal when membership applications are approved. If you have not received login credentials, or need further assistance, contact our membership coordinator, Mary Kellogg, via email at

To log into the member portal, input the provided username and password to sign-in. Once you login, please change your password to one you will remember for added security. With just a few clicks you can start connecting, discussing, and moving your career forward.

Non-member Access

Non-members can learn about becoming a member of The Alumni Society by visiting our membership page to view benefits and qualifications, and submit an application.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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